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Jeannie Vos, Animal Path Reiki Practitioner, Animal Communicator

Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Totem Intuitive & Animal Communicator. I love working with people and teaching them about their animal totems. I am clairvoyant and I can “see” your Sacred Totem Animals that make up your Inner Totem Pole. During a session your crossed over loved ones, crossed over pets, spirit guardians and Angels may also come to visit to give you messages during a session with me. To receive more information about the services available, please check out my web site @ http://jeannievos.weebly.com/services.html

I am also an Animal Communicator. Animal Communication is more than just “talking” with your animal companion, it is discovery on a much deeper level. Sending and receiving messages from beloved pet, working on issues: Behavioral, health/diet, relationships, etc. To find out more about animal communication and services I provide, please check out my web pages, Animal Communication ~ Sacred Voices @ http://animalcommunicationsacredvoices.weebly.com/index.html



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