Leo constellation

~ Royal Star of the Lion – Guardian of Earth ~ The Royal Star of the Lion is one of the 4 Royal Stars of Earth, also called the Four Guardians of Heaven. The Royal Star of the Lion is the star Regulus (which means Little King). This star is the heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo. Royal start of the Lion is the watcher of the north and is associated wtih the healing ArchAngel Raphael. The 4 Royal Stars of Earth were said to be used as a sky calendar to mark the seasons, and they also marked the 4 directions.

In Numberology terms, the Royal Star of the Lion’s numbers are 23/5. People born with this life purpose number 23/5. “Number 23 – The Royal Star of the Lion – This is a karmic reward number. 23 bestows, not only a promise of success in personal and career endeavors, it guarantees help from superiors and protection from those in high places. It’s a most fortunate number, and greatly blesses with abundant grace the person represented by it. As always, the 23 must be considered along with other Single and Compound Key Numbers making up the full numerological analysis, which may not be quite so fortunate. But other numbers don’t have much of a chance to bring about serious trouble when the Royal Star of the Lion is present during difficult times. No number can challenge the Lion’s strength and win.” http://www.karmakastle.com/Number23.htm



At the link below, an explanation of all the stars which make up the constellation Leo.



2 thoughts on “Royal Star of the Lion ~ Numerology 23/5

  1. Robert Fludd placed Raphael in the West and Gabriel in the North which actually makes more sense.

    Because the north is associated with the Moon and so is Gabriel.

    Michael was in the East and Uriel in the South.



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